The monthly uncertainty of cloud expenses and savings is no mystery for SKY customers

The every soaring and uncertain costs to use Public Cloud is still a major pain point for most businesses. So much so that a new IT Vertical is emerging to manage Public Cloud costs.  This new vertical is creating tools to monitor cloud usage and report to clients to allow the Public Cloud businesses have insight to their monthly charges.

Businesses using Public Cloud don’t have the resources or tools to help figure out who is using what and when and how.  This results in a monthly Sticker Shock when the bill comes in.

SKYIaaS eliminates the monthly worry with our flat fee monthly bill for the Public Cloud services that you need to augment and grow your business.  There is no need to higher another vendor to analyze your
cloud usage and then sift though the data to figure out how to optimize your Cloud infrastructure.

SKYIaaS not only delivers this one flat fee billing model, but also provides full 24/7 monitoring with over 400 probes to ensure your environment with SKY is the best it can be for your business.  SKY demonstrates this with monthly dashboards and analysis, easily understood by all levels of your business.  This demonstrative service is included with our monthly fees.

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