The time is now. All your IT needs fulfilled with the feature rich, truly affordable Canadian solution.

A simple and flexible path to the Cloud

SKY IaaS has the technology, experience and knowledge to transport your current IT environment to the cloud. With rigorous processes and testing guiding each phase of the transition, you will have peace of mind every step of the way.

True Enterprise Cloud

SKY IaaS virtual Private Cloud is a multi-tenant dedicated physical compute service that lives on shared Infrastructure. Our service is built on market leading Hypervisor virtualization technology.

Advanced Security

Broad compliance certifications, secure private networking connections, data protection, disaster recovery and dedicated cloud options. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

A Platform for World Class IT

With data center modernization and disaster recovery and Backup built in, you can address business needs as per IT best practices.

Centralized Management

Users/Servers/Resources can be easily added or removed based on business needs through a centralized management console.

SKY Network Operations Centre

Our SKY IaaS platform, infrastructure, and applications are proactively managed and monitored¬† 24×7 365 by our team of network engineers. Issues are responded to and resolved as per our SLA.

Disaster Recovery

Easily deploy and manage cloud-based disaster recovery. The availability services offered on SKY IaaS help ensure that your data is protected, recoverable, and accessible by you and your customers.

Custom Recovery Point Objectives

Set a unique recovery point objective (RPO) value per virtual machine from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

We offer true Enterprise Class cloud infrastructure. Our infrastructure platform does away
with all the previous generations of convergence. Where convergence 1.0 is basically traditional infrastructure based on Dual-Controller systems and convergence 2.0 is combining both compute and storage tiers in to a single appliance.

With Sky IaaS you get convergence 3.0 where you can scale your cloud in two independent dimensions: Storage and Compute power. We offer a hyper scalable cloud
that is capable of catering to any of your needs. Big or small.

With support for enterprise strength technologies such as 256 bit AES encryption, expandable shared pool of high speed storage and backup DR features built in the box.

A single pane of glass that offers easy and convenient web based interface to orchestrate your cloud infrastructure tops the offer.

We put you ahead of the game!



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