Sky BUaaS makes it easier and more cost- effective than ever for you to protect all your data from cybercriminals, natural disasters, hardware failures and more

Managed Cloud Storage BUaaS with SKYIaaS

Managed Storage services with SKYIaaS complement our managed Cloud solutions to ensure your applications can scale as your business grows.  Our team manages the high-availability storage platform and dedicated SAN and NAS environments so that storage is presented reliably to your applications. We manage capacity on our platform to alleviate you from an important, but essential task in any data centre operation.

Cost Savings: It is common for business to significantly reduce storage costs per Gigabyte by using cloud storage solutions rather than storing the content on-premise. BUaaS saves capital expenditures, on-premise physical space and ongoing operations and maintenance.

Security: Protection from physical disasters and direct access to the equipment are some immediate benefits from leveraging Cloud Storage from SKY IaaS. In addition, distributed data protection and replication policies can be enabled for more security.

Backup and Restore Features

  • Fully customizable local and remote backup polices
  • Specialized backup agents for most operating systems, databases and applications
  • Block and file level backups supported
  • Daily monitoring of backup job success rates
  • Fully managed data recovery


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