Timely. Responsive. Evolving.

With 25+ years of experience in the IT industry, SKY has maintained relevance with timely responses to the evolving needs of our clients.

You remember the days when your IT needs were met by a stand alone computer … and we were there, to help you procure that unit.

You also remember the days when it became necessary to share information, protect your data and venture into the wider web. We were still there with you providing industry insights on building a business network that was efficient and secure.

When you needed support for these increasingly complex networks, you did not need to look very far because again we were there providing Managed Services to maintain and upgrade the networks you invested in, and became dependent on.

We are truly excited to be with you through this next evolution.

While the products and services have changed over the decades, our business philosophy has not. Our foundation is built on customer service, dependable service delivery and a commitment to tried, tested and true industry best practices.

This strong foundation combined with the years of experience provide you with a Service Partner that can help you design and manage your distinctive IT needs today, and into the future.

SKY. Providing you with a Simple and Flexible Path to the Cloud.



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